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Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up and become a fitter healthier version of yourself, or the competitive athlete looking for performance edge in your specific sport, we are here to deliver the best results.

Our Gym is for everyone regardless of fitness level or age. Our workouts can be tailored to your fitness level and everyone is encouraged to work to the maximum of their own ability.

All classes held are an hour long and we have an extensive timetable with class times to suit everyone. We offer drop in, weekly and monthly rates etc.

All our classes must be booked online through our hassle-free booking system so we guarantee you get the coaching and motivation you deserve from our team of top class coaches.

There is something for everyone at Phoenix Strength and Conditioning and once you start your fitness journey with us you will never look back!

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Online Nutrition & Training Program

For varying reasons joining a gym and turning up to train everyday may not suit everyone. Since 2013 we have being rolling out our nutrition programs to the Phoenix gym members and now, with this online program, everyone who would like to experience the same positive results and healthy lifestyle changes that our members have, can avail of our plan.

No need to step foot in a gym!